Lightning McQueen is the main character in the movie. He is a red race car that looks like a Dodge Viper from the back. He eventually gains a friendship with Mater, and they turn into best friends. He falls in love with Sally in Cars. He is a famous race car.

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Car type: 2006 piston cup racer

Top Speed: 198mph

0-60mph: 4.0 seconds

Power: 750hp

First Appearance: Cars (2006)

IMG 0363

Last Appearance: Cars 3 (2017)

Friends: Radiator Springs Gang, Cruz Ramirez, Mack

Enemies: Chick Hicks, Proffesor Z, Acer, Grem, All of the other Lemons, Jackson Storm

Actor: Owen Wilson

Cars: Lightning is a hotshot rookie race car during his appearance in Cars (2006). He got lost after a race. He got stranded in Radiator Springs.

Cars 2: Lightning isn't the rookie he was in Cars (2006). He is a 4-time Piston Cup champion. In 2011, he was invited by Miles Axelrod to race in the WGP. There were 3 races. Japan, Italy, and England.He won the Italian one. At the time, his top speed was 200mph, and 0-60 is hit in 3.2 seconds.

Cars 3: Lightning is now a pro Piston Cup racer, but a newer generation is in the racing world. A next-gen racer is being shown here. The blue car is next-gen. He keeps losing to Jackson Storm, a black next-gen. He is #20 and he races for the IGNITR team. Cruz Ramirez, a trainer, trains Lighthing to get ready for the Florida 500. It is on a next-gen racetrack and where Storm lapped the fastest lap in the world. Cruz's top speed is actually higher than Lightning. Cruz accelerates faster, too. Slower than the next-gens, but faster than Lightning.

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