Cars is a Pixar animated film. It was released on June 9, 2006. Cars's main character was Lightning McQueen, the famous race car.

Cars is about McQueen learning that he isn't the one he should always care about. He learns this in a sleepy town.

The plot of Cars is this.

At first McQueen is selfish and uncanny. He only cares about winning. He fired Chief Rust-eze and now he has no crew chief. He has almost no friends. His best friend is his hauler, Mack. There was a race called the Dinoco 500. The car that wins wins the 2005 season. Chick Hicks, another even more selfish, uncanny, and rude car, but he does have a crew chief. He sideswipes cars. He sideswiped Lee Revkins (#63). He caused a giant wreck and Chuck Armstrong (#33) cannot race. Lightning made a foolish move and refused to get new tires. He blew his rear tires. He jumped with his front tires. Strip Weathers and Chick Hicks were going fast. It was a 3-wat tie. A tiebreaker was held in Los Angeles. Lightning told Mack he had to go nonstop. He got tired. A gang of hot rods, Boost, Wingo, Snot Rod, and DJ, DJ played pretty music. A bobblehead caused Mack's door to open. A sneeze caused Lightning to go out. He mistaked a Peterbuilt for Mack. The Peterbuilt said "Mack? I'm no Mack. I'm a Peterbuilt, you fool." Lightning went way too fast. He got arrested by Sherrif. He ruined the road even more. He made a deal. If he wins a race, he can leave. He fixed the road and left. He raced in the tiebreaker. He came in last place, but he was offered the Dinoco sponsorship because of Chick's behavior. He decided to stay with Rust-eze. Mater got a helicopter ride.

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